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Friends for the End of the World – Interview with Alain Johannes

Chris Cornell’s first solo record, Euphoria Morning turns twenty this year. The complexity of its sound and exceptional atmosphere has inspired me for a long time to get to know its authors’ work, so I can get closer to the one-off unrepeatable magical process of its creation. Although solitude, vulnerability, melancholy appear directly in these… Tovább

Kevin Martin: Had Layne or any of those guys ever backed us up

“I just want to put them out individually, on 180 gram vinyl, re-master them for vinyl and that’s all I want,” says Kevin Martin, lead vocalist of Candlebox about reissue opportunities of previous albums of Candlebox. Read our in-depth interview about the past, present and future of an amazing singer, father and husband from Seattle… Tovább

Chris Hanzsek: I settled in as the Black Sheep of Grunge

Chris Hanzsek, sound engineer, record producer, founder of C/Z Records and Reciprocal Recording is one of the most important figures in the history of this little thing everyone calls grunge. During his career now spanning over 35 years he has worked with the likes of The Melvins, Soundgarden, Green River, Malfunkshun, Skin Yard, the Fastbacks… Tovább

Jeff Angell: Walking Papers has an address on the main street

“If you were looking to find my songs, Walking Papers has an address on the main street where you might need elaborate directions to find Staticland or the Missionary Position, and there might be construction going on and you might not find them ‘cause they are through an alley, down some stairs, in the basement… Tovább

Toni Wood: Andy loved the sparkle he put in people’s eyes

“There was a paper he wrote. His last paper in high school. His teacher loved him anyway and gave him an A+. In his paper, he said, “I don’t need to go to college. I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to be famous. I’m going to be a rock star. Maybe after… Tovább

Andris Gábor (Ozone Mama): I’m legally high – on music

“I just can’t get on with life without constantly listening to music. Something has to be on all day long in my surroundings. I just can’t get out of this anymore. Music has such a liberating power, that even existence is impossible without it.” Andris Gábor, guitarist of Ozone Mama, on his intimate relationship to music. The most American rock… Tovább

It’s Time to Drop the Anchor – Walking Papers: WP2 (2018) album review

Five years after their introduction, the Walking Papers-the millennium’s second decade of Seattle super groups-have just released a new album. The Jeff Angell, Ben Anderson, Duff McKagan, Barrett Martin hallmark quartet formation have once again thrilled their fans with yet another outstanding album. The four eminent musicians have created a bluesy, psychedelic, sometimes dark, grunge-like,… Tovább

John Evans: There is nothing to me like Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam’s concert film, Let’s Play Two premiered in theaters in a few countries around Europe in November, including Budapest, Hungary. The film is an emotional chronicle of Pearl Jam’s two shows at Wrigley Field in Chicago, on August 20 and 22, 2016, and Pearl Jam’s frontman, Eddie Vedder’s love for and involvement with the… Tovább

Jeff Angell: I’m kind of Ian Astbury’s illegitimate child

Jeff Angell, is one of the greatest and most riveting singers/guitarist of our time. Many know him from Post Stardom Depression, Walking Papers or Staticland but most people became familiar with his name due to the Mad Season show in Benaroya Hall last January. The frontman who comes from Tacoma, Washington (Jerry Cantrell’s hometown), a… Tovább

(What’s The Story) Sonic Glory? | Ozone Mama: Sonic Glory (2015) album review

The new Ozone Mama CD is out at last! After two unbelievably strong releases, debut album ‘The Starship Has Landed’ (2011) and ‘Freedom’ EP (2013) followed by a total change of the rhythm section, Andris Gábor and co. had the World’s eyes on them. What direction will they choose with vocalist Marci Székely? Ozone Mama,… Tovább